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A lot of people would say they don't know who Shawn Corey Carter is, but they would know who Jay-Z is. That's right, Jay-Z's real name is Shawn Corey Carter. He has become one of the most popular rapping artists of his time, and has also flourished as a business man as well. He has received many awards such as ten Grammy Awards, and he has sold over forty million albums worldwide during his time so far. The man knows what he's doing and he's good at it. is a perfect site for Tickets in Sarasota, FL for Kenny Rogers, Kenny Loggins, The Irish Rovers, Lewis Black at Sarasota Tickets in Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.

The man known as Jay-Z was born on December 4th, 1969. He grew up in New York City, New York. His childhood was rough as his dad left him when he was twelve years old. His high school was closed down so he had to go do a different high school, and ironically, the high school he ended up attending after the first one closed down was the same school that other famous rappers such as The Notorious B.I.G., and Busta Rhymes went to. Ever since he was a child Jay-Z loved music. offers great discounts on Tickets for Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Christmas Attic, Maroon 5, Magic! & Rozzi Crane, at

The musical career of Jay-Z didn't really get going until about 1996. He had to create his own record label along with two other people because no one else would give him a chance. The record label was called Roc-A-Fella Records. 1996 was also the year that Jay-Z released his first album title, "Reasonable Doubt". This album would prove to be great as time went on as it was loved by critics. Over the next several years Jay-Z released many more albums and his popularity increased. He started winning many awards, his music was was all over the charts, and his popularity was soaring through the roof. is easy to use for Tickets in Fairfax, VA for Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Casting Crowns, The 5 Browns, Vienna Boys Choir at Tickets Fairfax in Patriot Center, and George Mason Center For The Arts.

Almost everybody today has heard of Jay-Z and that's because even today he is doing very well. Jay-Z has also ventured into other businesses other than music. For example, he has his own clothing brand called Rocawear and Damon Dash. He is also a co-brand director or Budweiser Select and deals with the marketing strategy of the company. He is involved in so many different things and has definitely left his mark.

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